Melissa's Choc Chip Cookies

I absolutely love chocolate chip cookies....but what I love even more are the easy to make chocolate chip cookies. Like the ones from Melissa's 


I realized long ago that without a recipe, my baking skills are pretty much zero, so I am thrilled that I can brag with yummy "homemade" cookies that will be packed with flavour. Or, as a mom, even if you are one of those blessed with incredible baking skills, time is not always on your side...

All you need is the following: 

Add 1 egg, salted butter & 2.5ml of vanilla to the dry ingredients in the box. Mix well and drop spoonfuls onto a baking tray for 15minutes into a preheated oven. That's it! 


These cookies are really delicious and full of oozy chocolate bits. You will love them!