Krayons Baby

There are a lot of baby products out there. And it is so hard finding the right one for you and for your children. 

When I received the Krayons Baby range to test out, I was skeptical to being with. Another baby cream? Will it work on my toddlers super dry skin? Will it work with my baby's super sensitive skin? Would I like it? After all, I'm the one smearing it all over their little bodies...

Well, mammas, my answer is YES! I tried the products out for two weeks, and I am in love! 


The aqueous cream is a great consistency. Thick enough to create a barrier on the skin, yet thin enough that it is absorbed by the skin quickly and easily. 

The vaseline is perfect for dry, cracked lips (trust me, in winter, I ended up using this more than my kiddiwinks). Or for the dry skin around their little noses after all the tissue wipes. 

And the bar of soap...what a miracle! It does not dry out their skin at all because it has a vaseline base so their skin already has a protective layer over it even after their bath. 

 Will we be reaching for Krayons Baby range again? Absolutely!!


*Although I received these products for review free of charge, the review given is unbiased and my own opinion*