Mommy’s Wine Morning

I created Mommy’s Wine Mornings as a platform for moms to connect at various wine estates, once a month. The aim of these mornings, are to give moms, the chance to not only visit a new wine estate that they would not necessarily have visited, but also the opportunity to taste new wine and new varietals, instead of always “sticking to what they know.” 

If you would like to join me on the next #MommysWineMorning, drop me a mail I also welcome new wine estates and brands to collaborate with on this exciting platform.


Jordan Wine Estate

Moms need moms, it’s simple. We have a silent understanding of what each one goes through. We have an inbuilt trigger to stand strong together. We love fiercely. We protect our friendships. We also love wine 😉
Jordan wines & The Bakery at Jordan hosted us for the first #mommyswinemorning which turned into an afternoon which turned into amazing friendships being formed alongside Breakfast & Wine tasting...perfection!
Mammas rock!


Haskell Vineyards

#MommysWineMorning at Haskell Vineyards was nothing short of spectacular! It’s a beautiful wine estate and so are their wines
Moms pair best with wine; especially their favorite wines and I think a few new loves were made this I right, ladies?
We laughed (thankfully nobody cried) and got to know each other a little better which to me is exactly what it’s all about (but also the wine) and we also got a beautiful illustration drawing from @lahautecouturecards - thank you Mandy for gifting the moms with something so unique
📸  @studio77productions


Yonder Hill

Imagine a place where a mom can have wine, but not just have it, actually taste it. Realize that there is more to Pinotage than it just being red, or Sauvignon Blanc just being white wine
Imagine being with other moms and having a morning all to yourself where you can wear heels, or not. A hat perhaps? Or even a dress...
#mommyswinemorning is my gift to you mamma! Because you’re so awesome and you deserve a wine tasting!
Thank you Yonderhill Wine Estate for hosting us, for taking us through the wine tasting so expertly, for treating us to a gorgeous morning (complete with a welcome drink of the 2017 Merlot/Grenache). The tasting room is open and classy, with gorgeous views of the Helderberg Mountain
We are all taking our hubsters on dates now 😉so actually it’s them that should be contacting me: #mommyswinemorning = #date ♥️ you’re welcome!
📸 Olive and Arrow Creative .


Neethlingshof Wine Estate

Malbec, Rosé, Sauvingnon Blanc or Pinotage

Things I have learnt from wine tasting is that every wine and every palate is different. Just like the moms behind the wines

Does it matter that she doesn’t like red or whit? Or prefers a Cab Franc over a Merlot or a Chenin Blanc instead of a Riesling

#MommysWineMorning at Neethlingshof was proof that no matter what your vino preference, there will be something for you; teething kids, newborns, toddlers or just a mom needing a break. Plus, for R120 pp you too can try their Flash Food & Slow Wine Pairing which is faaaaaabulous!

So, hello I’m a mom and I love wine!

Thank you, Neethlingshof for hosting us moms of all sorts and to Mookie Baby Goodies for spoiling us with gorgeous earrings!

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